Day Twenty-Seven: Food Poisoning is Bad!

So we all know what food poisoning is. If not, here's a quick infographic to inform you about the facts and stats of these awful germs.

Recently, I've been reading a book called Microbe Hunters and it deals extensively with these germs and bacteria. To be honest, it was actually a summer reading selection -- one of two -- and I was required to read and write a report on it. It turned out to be more interesting than I'd originally presumed, especially since there was such a huge waiting list for it at practically every public library I checked. Anyway, that got me thinking about how there's a lot of things about life in general that we take for granted.

For instance, don't you hate when there's an ice pack in your lunch box? You don't have an ice pack? Not too many people do. I'm not going to give a fake number, like a lot of publicists enjoy doing to market their blogs/books/articles. The fact is, though, ice packs are gross and sticky. And they only get worse when you stick them in a warm lunchbag for hours, let them thaw, and then open them up. All the moisture may have kept your food cold, but it's a pain to smell the stench wafting up every time you open your bag.

I remember one time when I was in elementary school, back when we still used "lunch crates." These were big recycling boxes that we would fill up with our lunch bags. There were always two "lunch crate monitors" who would literally have to bring all of the lunch bags downstairs to the cafeteria, because our classroom was upstairs that year. Anyway, one day I remember removing my lunch bag, starving for my lunch, and noticing an odd smell. And when we checked the rest of the lunch bags, it was discovered that smell was originating from a particular lunch bag. Which happened to be soaked. In spilled ice pack gel. 

And ever since then I've had this odd repulsion towards ice packs. 

Anyway, ice packs are still a necessity of life. It's they who keep your food cool enough to not succumb to food poisoning. But couldn't they make them smell nicer?

Breakfast: Greek yogurt, egg
Lunch: Granola and turkey wrap
Dinner: Salad and rice
Snacks: Frozen cantaloupe


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