Day Twenty-Nine: Freezing Fruits

Did you know that flash freezing fruits preserves most of their nutrients? You can actually retain most of the health of fruits and vegetables by freezing them properly, plus you get the benefit of being able to access all of those delicious fruits even when they're out of season!

Lately I've been on a crusade to freeze all of the figs growing outside. Did you know that fig trees actually have the best root systems for weather in hurricanes? My sister did a science project last year comparing the various root systems of trees in New Jersey, and she was especially interested in the reason our trees kept toppling over. Evidently, maples are really weak. Fig trees are the hardiest. Now just imagine that - a town full of figs trees. That would be enough fruit for everyone to pick off the trees.

Breakfast: jam and toast with a latte
Lunch: turkey sandwich
Dinner: fruit salad and rice


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