Day Twenty-Five: A Playdate with Nature

So I had always been somewhat ashamed of that fact that I lived by the Jersey Shore and yet I never visited the shoreline in the summer. There was the exception of last summer, when I had been frequenting visits to the beach as part of a summer camp, but otherwise we never voluntarily went fishing, LBI (Long Beach Island, a popular vacation spot around here), crabbing, motorboating, or anything of the sort. For instance, we're one of the only families in our area who still haven't gone fishing, not that there would be any need for instructors, since pretty much everyone around here has grown up beside the shoreline.

My parents figured a little culturing couldn't do us any harm. I wasn't sure what happened next, but I was soon on the Keyport Promenade, watching an elderly couple fling over some crabbing wire cages and another couple setting off into the distance on their high speed motorboats (I can only hope those were environmentally sound, especially since the Jersey  Shore is such a vulnerable area for pollution).

Actually, there is a lot of things I found out that I don't know about the Jersey Shore. One thing, for instance, is our severe lack of improvement following Superstorm Sandy. The towns along the coast have been so optimistic about the recent recovery that I completely forgot about those few communities without the budget for repairs. I was seeing broken homes, broken families, broken boats and yet feeling a strange sort of optimism because these same people figured it would be a good idea to spend their Labor Day out on the coast as opposed to inside their homes. That's the thing about Jersey, we don't let small things get to us. We take everything like the ocean -- with strength, determination, and a singular focus.

So, my Labor Day was pretty relaxing. Afterwards, we went to the Hudson Trail for about two hours running and walking. My mom didn't feel like driving over with our bikes, so my brother was pretty upset the entire way through. At any rate, there was great wildlife -- some deer, a turtle, and adorable baby bunnies. The communities around here are so lax, so warm, and so adorable. It seems like the perfect place to retire -- by the shore, where the seagulls never stop soaring.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, hard boiled egg
Lunch: BLT wrap on whole wheat (we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger, but luckily there was something that didn't count against me as "fast food")
Dinner: Salad, poached bass, grilled chicken
Snack: Frozen banana pops!


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