Day Thirty-Two: First Day of High School

Most people don't get to experience too much on their first days. Sure, it's new and exciting, and there's so much going on at once that you can hardly tell left from right. Fortunately, my adrenaline was coursing enough throughout the hectic day that even given all of my apprehension, I managed to survive to tell the tale.

Then again, the typical start of freshman year doesn't include a protest that attracts the mayor of the city:

It was both a frightening and invigorating experience. To see the upperclassmen -- the same kids who will undoubtedly be hazing us in future weeks -- protesting and holding up their rights is kind of amazing. I especially love how it completely derails the school's typical atmosphere as a compliant school of nerds and geeks. There's so much more hidden underneath the surface, and this is only a scraping of what is yet to come.

Anyway, I'm falling with exhaustion, but hopefully that's only my nerves. There's still an entire year left, and I couldn't be more excited to see what it has in store.

Breakfast: Hard boiled egg
Dinner: Mushroom salad and baked fish
Snacks: Melons and longans


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