Day Thirty-Seven: Time to Get Down to Business

I've got interview tomorrow and I'm really excited. I'm not quite sure what to expect, other than extreme anxiety, highlighted with a few dots of clever witty statements that could randomly pop up here and there throughout the interview. Or not. Depends on my lunch. Unfortunately, I don't have the best of luck from what I can tell.

Anyway, there are a lot of website telling me to get a good breakfast on the day of. My dad's planning on taking us to McDonald's for our breakfast, aka the most important meal of the day. That in itself makes me skeptical, but I love Mcdonald's fruit parfait (it's one of my guilty early morning pleasures ^.^) so there's nothing wrong right there. I just hope my nerves are able to calm down because it's almost midnight and I'm still up, pacing as urgently to finish my homework as ever.

One thing I've noticed about myself: I don't do time management. I mean, I can definitely finish every assignment you throw out at me, but when it comes to things like choosing homework or working on projects, I choose projects. When it comes to projects or Facebook, I choose Facebook. Of course, I'm at least good enough to pace the amount of time I spend on anything (no more than an hour a day, even though that in itself is quite a lot of time wasted on social media rather than spending it on my studies, like a good little Asian). Nevertheless, I'm just about as typical as any other teenager with way too much technology on their hands. What we need is more time, in a constantly rushed world full of priorities, deadlines, dues, and whatnot.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt
Lunch: Peaches and salad
Dinner: Pumpkin salad with enoki mushrooms 


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