Day Thirty-Five: Exciting Weekend

I'm looking forward to this weekend. It holds promises of exciting people, places, and events I have never had the chance to experience. I am going to take part in my first prep school interview, which in itself is already a milestone for me. Taking part in the interview when it is on Columbia University's campus -- one of the premier universities in the world, as well as one of the Ivy League -- makes this all the better.

Anyway, I won't be able to post my usual articles on healthy eating, so I hope you guys remember all of the facts and figures I've been shooting out at you. I admit, this entire "no junk food" approach is becoming quite difficult to handle, especially when I was walking past the Shake Shack earlier this week. The deathly smell of the cheesy crinkle cut fries, of the Shack Burger, of the churning wheels out behind the counter stirring great vats of shakes, custards, and cements was making me salivate so much I hurried on past with my eyes averted. In other words, crisis averted.

But I wanted to end on a happy note. I've been feeling pretty good lately, and I don't know if it's actually this ban on fast food working or if it's just the natural high I get from my first week of high school. I have to admit, I'm loving my high school! It's so interesting to be in an environment where everyone craves learning, the teachers are genuinely passionate about their craft, and there's so many choices to pursue your interests. If only my entire educational life had been like this!

Breakfast: Sausage, waffles, fruit juice
Lunch: Tuna sandwich, chickpea salad
Dinner: Pumpkin salad
Snacks: Figs (our tree out back is starting to produce a skimpier harvest. I have a feeling the season's about to end. I sure am going to miss my supply of figs.)


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