Day Thirty-Eight: The Rush and the Madness

The city is just so rushed all the time. I'm telling you, it's like you would never have known. There's just so many places to be, so many people to see, so many things to do all of the time. I have never experienced anything like it and it's so refreshing to be around people who similarly feel the same way. Not the way where I feel overwhelmed, but the way where I can feel like I am doing something important. Like, somehow, somewhere, I actually count and that there is actually a purpose to my living here.

New York City is really more than just a city for me. Even though it's been less than a month since I've first moved here, it's become my new home in far less time. Somehow, I just find myself acclimating to everything that's ever defined it -- from the late night bodegas to the delis to the bagel stores to the old pizzerias, rusty shabby, their doors already falling off their hinges. I love the smell of the dew in Central Park, the sight of the majestic globe in Flushing Meadows, the chatter of hundreds of languages passing through Brooklyn, the sight of the skyscrapers and the beautiful High Bridge over the Bronx, the Staten Island ferry ambling its way across the river...

There's hope in this girl yet.

Breakfast: Fruit and yogurt parfait
Lunch: Chinese noodles
Dinner: Beef and various vegetables


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