Day Thirty: Asian Bakeries

I know there's a lot of different places to visit while you're in Korean Town, but you can't deny that Asian bakeries are a conception sent straight from heaven. The intoxicating smell of bread, butter, sugar, and all of that cakey goodness always comes rushing straight towards me.

It's more of a nostalgic feeling than anything else. I'm sure there's something coursing through my veins that sings angelic tunes whenever I push open the double doors to a Fayda or Sun and Mary. A crow of wonder that sounds as I enter Paris Baguette. A magical fanfare for the Chinese inside me when I meet face to face with a rack full of steaming, fresh red bean buns.

It's nothing like a boring western bakery. Even French patisseries have something to stand up to when they are compared to a typical Korean bakery at its busiest hour. The macarons, rolls, buns, and loaves of bread are no match for anyone with a weak heart.

Breakfast: Bagel with cream cheese
Lunch: Bean burrito and edamame
Dinner: Banchan and tofu seafood soup


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