Day Twenty-Two: Healthy Eating vs. Eating Healthy

I'm sure you've all heard by now of the numerous controversies surrounding weight loss. There's people advocating crash diets, with their incredibly low calorie counts, simple meal plans, and reliability. There's the calorie management plans, which allow you to eat whatever you want, but in moderation. There's also the orthorexic approach where you eat only certain foods for a certain number of days until you lose the desired amount of weight.

The immediate problem with all of these, as I've said plenty of times before, is how they approach the food problem. Rather than solve the weight issue separately from the food issue, they implant a permanent stigma in the mind that food=bad. This is counterproductive and can lead to a future of eating disorders. Unfortunately, for the majority of women and even some men, this is already their lifestyle. 

There is much to be learned about our bodies, but toying with it in such a manner is definitely not a good idea. Bad relationships with something so crucial to our well-being can lead to eating disorders, which only exemplify the problem. 

There's even been a professor named Mark Haub, who decided to lose weight on a diet where he ate mainly Hostess Products. You may have heard of it.

Although there were no conclusions from his study (or, at least, no absolute conclusive theories), there isn't much to remark on it other than to show that no matter how you approach it, weight loss is cutting down what you eat. You may eat all of the healthy foods you want, but that doesn't mean you're not overeating.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt and banana
Lunch: Salad and turkey
Dinner: White rice and salad with bass
Snacks: Figs!


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