Day Twenty-Three: Quickies and Hopeful

This is going to be another really quick post. It's about time to go to bed and my parents have set this system in our house where the Internet shuts down around 11PM to encourage us to go to sleep earlier. Of course, this works, but it certainly also causes huge complications on days like this when all I've been doing all day is working and night is the only time I get to have to myself. At any rate, school starts for us next week and I've gotten my schedule already, so I'm excited!

On the negatory side, I have also forgotten to finish my summer assignments, which just means another thing to cram in right before the fall term. I'm hoping they don't count these packets of math, biology, and reading too much in our final grades, but with all summer to work on it (excepting students like me who are too busy pursuing more interesting and important interests...) you can never be sure. I promise to update soon!

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with cinnamon, Soft boiled egg
Lunch: Salad and peaches
Dinner: Fruit salad, rice
Snacks: Melons and peaches


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