Day Sixteen: How Buffets Work

So you start off walking into this nice looking restaurant with flashy signs that advertise "All-You-Can-Eat!" or the newer trend "All-You-Care-to-Eat!" You look around, and a friendly waiter asks for the number in your party. Then you're finally guided to your seats, where you will be reporting for the next hour or so. At long last, the waiters lets you free and you are able to wander as you please, picking out your favorite pieces from various prepared dishes in the enormous room of food. It's basically a free for all, but with lots of food and lots of energy.

At first glance, you would wonder how a buffet would mange to make money from this. What about all of the food waste going on? Even with all of the signs put warning customers not to take more than they can eat, there's always people trying to stuff their faces and get their money's worth.

On the flip side, how are customers so easily tricked into these advertisements that convince them to buy food that is obviously low quality costs the restaurants next to nothing, and is probably terrible for there health?

It seems as though the entire business based on a conundrum, just like our society as a whole. If everyone was acting rationally, then no one would have to succumb to such obvious ripoffs. Unfortunately, we are prone to using our instincts as opposed to our rationality when making such decisions and it is often difficult to tell when to trust our inner voices and when to disregard them.

Breakfast: egg white omelet
Lunch: turkey salad
Dinner: fruit salad, chicken


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