Day Six: Going Places

Hey, so this is a really quick post right before we leave. My brother and I are going on a self-guided walking tour of Lower Manhattan tomorrow and I'm really excited! Even though I've practically been living in NYC for most of my life, I've never actually done an in-depth tour of the city on my own. Not that my brother doesn't count, but he's kind of the type of person who prefers to follow, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm looking forward to re-discovering some old highlights of the Big Apple and I'll keep you posted on my venturings!

On the flip side, my sister and I recently baked the most adorable little pretzel buddies! She was kind of bored and down from her recent appointment at the optometrist, and those new night lenses aren't helping after all. They are pretty awful to wear on the first nights, according to my sister, but they sure do have a nice bubbling effect while they're soaking in the cleaning solution!

The silence before the storm :)
Here's my little bunny before baking...

...and after :/


It's almost a dinosaur egg!

Too adorable to eat!

Anyway, I had a pretty good day today. Despite feeling a bit lethargic (I wonder if the "fast food fast" has anything to do with that?) I didn't run into any difficulties.

Breakfast: Greek yogurt, mangoes
Lunch: Turkey sandwich
Dinner: Rice, Steamed fish, cabbage
Snacks: Cherries, blueberries


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