Day One: How History Plays Against Us

You know, after a while, re-reading your own posts kind of get you self conscious about how you sound to others. Personally, that's why I refrain from re-reading things I've written until I've let them sit for at least twenty-four hours, but sometimes you just don't get twenty-four hours.

In particular, I was wondering whether my earlier rants were a bit too dramatic. I certainly have my views, and I can understand that while they are not the most informative perspectives on the issues I am defending (or rather, opposing) I stand that my opinion is of my own making. Anyway, I had tried to explain this idea of eliminating junk from my daily diet -- an idea that certainly rings a bell -- to my sister, who took it the wrong way. In other words, her view of the project is a snotty, upper middle class poke at the habits of "lesser human beings." Now that I think of it, she had some truth to her argument.

Why do people eat junk food anyway? The chemicals that go into mass-produced fast food aren't great for your body. Trans fats and saturated fats are known to cause numerous health complications. There's not much energy from the foods, since most of it is instantly converted to sugars and spikes your blood sugar so that you're not even satiated after the "meal." The cravings continue afterwards because the junk food doesn't satisfy. Sure, you might think it satisfies, but there's a reason why Doritos are so addicting, why drinking Sprite never seems to quench your thirst, why you always go back for another White Castle slider. If these fast food companies were making food to satisfy and conquer your hunger, as they so often advertise, why isn't it working? And that, my friends, is precisely the answer.

It's almost like the chicken and the egg. Ever since people have discovered ways to get more customers, they've been using these strategies to promote their products, even if it ends up having a detriment on the population. Remember that episode from Spongebob Squarepants ("Greasy Buffoons") when the Krusty Krab and the Chum Bucket had a competition to see who could gather the most customers? It eventually ended up with their poor customers gorging themselves on plates of fat and grease. Even as a children's cartoon show, the satire rings true in today society.

In the primeval days, when humans had to subsist off of whatever they could find at the moment, our brains became hardwired to enjoy sugary and fatty substances because they usually contain the most calories and thus provide us with the most energy to go about our days. Unfortunately, it may take a few more centuries for the human race to evolve and accommodate our new sedentary lifestyle. In the meantime, it appears as though we will be constantly troubled to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which -- in the advent of junk food and other nutritionally defunct products that taste like euphoria -- just doesn't seem to be happening.

Anyway, today was a pretty normal day for me. As strange as it may seem, the absence of junk food from my meals (or rather snacks) didn't bother me too much. Maybe that was because I wasn't starving in a room full of cookies or anything. At any rate, there's no changes yet, not that I expected a difference so soon.

Just for posterity, I'll also include an incredibly vague outline of my meals for the day. Pictures will come soon!

Breakfast: Yogurt, dragon fruit, "man tou" bun
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, apples with peanut butter
Dinner: Rice, beef, steamed flounder, spinach
Various Snacks and Other Paraphernalia: Seaweed, pear, watermelon

I've heard that, like any other addiction, kicking back on junk food will initially cause soreness, fatigue, and intense cravings. I'm just hoping those are rumors.


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