Day Fourteen: I'm Bad at Origami

Never would I have admitted it, but I had always been under the assumption that my love for math translated to an expertise in origami. Seriously, what could be better than having a supremacy in building these shapes? For one thing, origami is literally nothing more than a bunch of geometric shapes morphing into other geometric shapes. It's all Euclidean, guys!

But today, one of the teachers -- the crafts teacher at our summer camp -- was trying to teach a class of 11-15-year-olds how to fold these complicated origami structures, similar to the one I have above. It's technically some sort of polyhedra, as one of the TAs was so kind to inform me, but as of yet I still have no idea which one exactly. Anyway, it appears to be complicated, but it's actually constructed from a bunch of smaller strips of paper folded and tucked together in such a way as to form a puzzle. Like a puzzle globe, you piece it together to form the final product.

Then there's me. I was literally stuck with a poor camper for about an hour, fiddling with the paper strips until I realized some of them had been folded wrong. Then I pretty much flailed my way trial and error through the making of the polyhedra. At the end, my origami resembled something more like this:

So it came to be known that my powers of deduction are not near the level I had previously assumed them to be. I guess it's all in a day's work, though.

Breakfast: Pumpkin bun, Greek yogurt, Soft-boiled egg
Lunch: Turkey sandwich
Dinner: Fruit salad, white rice, chicken
Snacks: Wheat thins, melons, grapes, figs 


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