Day Eleven: Teacher's Assistant

This week is going to be pretty interesting. Earlier, I had signed up for my local Chinese school's summer camp as a teacher's assistant for the arts class. It's strange, because rather than having Chinese language and culture classes, our local summer camp is more like a daytime babysitting service, with dancing, arts, crafts (don't ask me why they don't make it into a single class), fun and games, and more. The best part is probably the constant stream of kids and energy flooding the halls every day. The downside is the constant stream of kids and energy flooding the halls every day -- but I love it either way.

Our arts class is pretty much like Camp Invention, if you've ever been to it. We basically give the kids recyclable material along with an assignment to design and create something out of it. In due time, they present their works of art and we display them for all to see. It's a pretty fun routine and I have to admit I love watching the kids make the most adorable creations out of straws and foam board. For some unknown reason, the crafts class is basically painting rocks -- which they're planning to do for a few classes. So, in other words, arts does crafts and crafts does art.

Most of the materials we use are recyclable, so they're basically junk materials. When you think about it, upcycling trash is actually a pretty good way to find a use for them, especially when those pieces of trash would have gone unappreciated. Making funky animals out of them, on the other hands, stands to judgement. Perhaps you can use the excuse that appreciating the junk right before disposing of it is a pretty solid method of using it. It's like what a friend of mine once told me, using paper for drawing doesn't waste paper -- it prevents it from being turned into a paper airplane. Since the material's going to be used anyway, might as well use it for a good purpose as opposed to subjecting it to destiny.

Did I mention how interesting my job's turned out to be? Eight hours a day of taping bottle caps onto tin cans for kids can prove to be more exhilarating than it seems at first -- those bottle caps are really difficult to maneuver!

Breakfast: Yogurt, Melons
Lunch: Turkey sandwich
Dinner: White rice, grilled chicken, cucumbers and broccoli casserole
Snack: Pineapple, fig jam and almond butter on a seasoned bagel


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