Day Eight: Fake Labels

I get so fed up with labels sometimes, and the people who obsess over them. Ever since the Nutrition Facts were required on food products in the late 20th century, people have been overly keen to check up on their "calorie counts" or their "sodium intake," with some fanatics counting down to the very calorie to find out where they stand in their dietary needs. In fact, research has shown that although restricting daily caloric intake may be the best way to lose weight in the long run, the fact remains that healthy foods are always better than those fake, chemical-filled "health foods" that promise lower calories than conventional food items.

Especially since we have discovered how aspartame, sucrose, and other fake sugar alcohols have adverse effects on the human body, a lot of dietitians have been pointing their thumbs down at eating such foods. They contain artificial chemicals, which are never a good sign. Especially since I have been trying to promote a junk-food free lifestyle, it seems to be causing more negative than positive effects, this obsession with "light" and "fat-free" food. In fact, fat-free foods may actually cause weight gain, since the fats are what tell your body that there is food to burn. In the meantime, high-carb diets can spike your blood sugar, since what most people eat to fill up their daily carb limits are simple carbs that are essentially sugars, in the way the body processes them. They provide quick energy -- which is great for athletes, but not so great when all your body has to do with them is convert them to storage fat.

Anyway, I couldn't help but treat myself to a slice of Margherita pizza today. It's technically not fast food, and so I'm sliding on the border of my own personal goal, but I'll let one day slide. In the meantime, see you around!

Breakfast: Peas and Beans
Lunch: Margherita pizza
Dinner: Roasted papaya, figs, potatoes
Snacks: Cantaloupe, light ice cream (again, going against my own word...I'm definitely a hypocrite, and it's unfortunately so)


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